Sunday, April 10, 2011


I've been considering on whether or not I want to start uploading some of my remixes I've done over the years...

Since I don't really have all the tools necessary to create standard remixes I want to make, I tend to just take some time and play around with original songs and tweaking them a bit to make them sound a little different but still the same song people know and love.

For instance:
- adding a beat to an acoustic version of a song
- adding a beat to a non-drum tracked song
- adding my own voice in parts of the song to give it some unique harmony
- a mix of all of the above?!

Either way, I feel there is a great deal for me to share, but I am wary on what I should share as to the fact that some of the remixes are old/early indications of my beginnings in audio editing. However, I feel some of them are worth bringing into the light as well.

I guess we shall see...

Bad Romance It's Time Remix

Don't Wop (Over That Thing)

Drake vs. Lauryn Hill - Don't Wop (Over That Thing)